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Friday, February 11, 2011


Hye guys!!!!!!!
wew what's wrong with me?? i'm getting lazy and lazy and lazy gosh i'm such a total slacker...
i wonder what am i doing this whole week after CNY break??
i think i know what i usually do during my free time...
yea sleeping..sleep like a baby zzZZ...
OK back to the track, after a week i return to campus, after a week i woke up and slept and woke up and slept again on my super comfortable mattress(don't have any bed x mampu) i just notice that i am not yet unpack  all my stuff since the first day i arrive to Sri Iskandar O . M . G!! actually i see the balik kampung bag everyday but i just keep delaying from unpack my stuff...that what we call a pure slacker. The unifi tool bag that i use for my balik kampung bag quietly just sit at the end of my mattress and didn't even call me to finish unpack, so who should be blamed in this case??. My shirts, pants, underwear, and books stay inside the bag peacefully untouched.
yea this is how the bag looks like, the different is just in the picture the bag is on the desk but the real situation the bag was placed at the end of my mattress lalala... So, nak cerita sikit la, i went to class without books because i thought my books is missing, shirts, i don't really care about it because i have a ton of shirts but i keep wondering where is my favorite shirts?? but what i've been mad about is where is my underwear?? gosh ton of my underwear is missing!!! who is the stupid burglar could steal my underwear?? and sometimes i keep wondering, is it the person who steal my underwear want to bomoh2 me?? omg i'm damn freaking out haha..
But after i unzipped my balik kampung bag YEAY!!! i found all my missing stuff
i feel like i'm in heaven now, after seeing my books, favorite shirts, and the most important thing is my underwear fuhhhh i feel so relieved hahaha...
1 problem solved!!!
When i turn my head around 360 degree i found my new problem  adoih...
The problem is, i don't do my laundry hahaha!! my dirty shirt basket is fully loaded...
hehe this is how it look like..but this picture is the picture after i have already washed half of it content and i have to use 50 hangers to dry it in the sun. 50 hangers mean 50 shirts and underwear wow how could you imagine how this basket vomited my clothes.
And i wonder how is it the basket can be that fat???
Because what i remember it's actual look is thin and tall but now it become big and fat lol!!
ok lah that's all of my laziness story emmm i hope i can change, peeps please pray for me :'( 
k guys wait for my next interesting story  k daa..
p/s : sorry for my broken English :'(


  1. walllaaaa....LOL!!!
    so perasan la u dear that sumbody is going to bomoh u or sumthing..;p
    Now i know where come the lazy-person inside of me...
    *i just been affected by u dear!!*lalalalala

  2. ya rite...when u're interfere now i know from whom i got this attitude...
    BTW hei many people desire for my love what hehe...