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Sunday, March 13, 2011

iPod touch 4 YEAY!!!

yaw guys..hehehe..
I always complaining how boring am I living in this place...
which place??haha ada la...
so I was thinking how am want to face this boring feelings...hhuhu
ok I have money...then I was thinking that I always want a mp3 player..then I searched which mp3 player the best...hihi then I found iPod touch 4 hihihi this gadget best GILA!!! the features is almost like iPhone 4 but it just can't make a call haha I think only that the also look like iPhone 4 the different is iPod touch 4 is thin very thin like biscuits but tastier hehe...
ok this is how iPod touch 4 looks like...cantik kan??hehe like it love it so so much...
to anybody that have iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4 give me la your facetime id boleh kita bervideo call hehe and do add my pingchat id farizridzwan
ok la that's all for now bye guys meet me for the next post.. :)
bye guys muah!!!

p/s:is there anybody sell this gadget accessories??please let me know cuz i need it so demm much!!

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